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Are you ready to experience a powerful healing process where you let go and release the rage, sorrow and fear & turn it into purpose and passion?

Listen up gorgeous, let's talk about rage.

I know there is a woman ready to blow TF up inside you.

I also know that you are going to deny her existence.


Sacred Rage is a Thing OK


Stirring inside us and only coming out when we snap at our



Snap when we have had a wine

Or snap when our cycle is imminent


We are left feeling guilty and ashamed of ourselves


So we bypass her with excuses that we have been conditioned to believe


we are being too emotional, too tired / stressed, or just

letting our hormones run the show


oh and the old chestnut of "it's the full moon, planets".... or whatever is going on outside ourselves

How many times have you said that out loud or had that said to you?

Not to mention being conditioned by the industry that says ‘we must be high vibe’ to create the life we want

That we have to feel the ‘good feeling’ emotions ONLY

So we swallow and ignore our anger…

hide her behind a grimace, and fake smile and ‘It’s Fine’ remarks.

Leaving her to erode our energy bodies

emotionally. spiritually, physically and mentally causing dis-ease and disharmony

When really all anger wants is an acknowledgment for all the No’s that have been unheard and unsaid

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What if I told you your sacred rage was a divine portal of transformation?

There is deep healing to be had when processing your sacred rage.

 When embraced with love and understanding she can be your biggest motivator and propel you forward in your purpose, passion and confidence

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I invite you to join for an event like no other where 50 women will be coming together to scream it out through the powerful journey that is The Sacred Scream Ceremony 

The Big Scream  is a one of a kind event dedicated solely to the liberation and celebration of feminine expression bringing women together to feel , heal, liberate and celebrate each other in the most profound and potent way - in sisterhood. 

Born online the ceremony has gone from strength to strength and has impacted 100's of woman across the Globe. 

An in celebration of her 1 year anniversary for the first ever in person event , we here at Scream HQ are going big , bringing you not only the ceremony on a larger scale in a beautiful venue , but also other esoteric and healing practises that you can indulge in on the evening. 

You will learn what sacred rage is and why your voice is a powerful healing & creation tool 

You will learn the powerful process of sacred screaming so that you can use at any time to alchemise rage, sorry, fear into fuel for  your creation process

You will learn specific  breath work  & somatic practises that help you connect with & release trapped emotions in the body ,leaving you feeling lighter.

You will learn and easy way to soothe the nervous system helping you feel grounded and at ease. 

You will connect with a sisterhood of mystics, healers and visionaries on the same path, helping you heal the sisterwound 

You will cultivate a sense of safety within when being vulnerably expressive 

You will bask in the frequencies of a sound as Gong Master Anita Panayiotis takes us on a deep healing journey

Peek behind
the curtain and
taste, feel, hear
and see the Sacred
Scream Ceremony here


The Details 

November 18th 2023

doors open 5pm the Ceremony runs from 6:30- 8:30 pm and doors close @ 930pm 


The Roof Studio @

The Siobhan Davis Centre

85 St Georges Road, SE1 6ER 

Penny Love a love coach came 
and ended up getting way more than she expected, listen to what she 
has to say! 

SACRED SCREAM LIVE GREY  copy Facebook Post (4).jpg

The Process 
We open the circle by connecting with our bodies in a gentle somatic mediatation 

We activate our
 sacred rage &  throat chakra with a potent Voice Of Power exercise & somatic movements. 

We connect and soothe our nervous system with a heart connection exercise 

Followed by a deep healing journey with Grand mother cacao & a Gong bath facilitated by Anita Panayiotis. 

We then close the ceremony by connecting with our higher self and calling in our desires as we step into pleasure. 

This container is created to accommodate your deep healing of the Feminine wounds , to be fearlessly expressed using our sacred rage and give voice to the pain, the sorrow the guilt and shame.

To reconnect and move your body and allow sound to move through you in a loving and surprising way. 

For you to be held and witnessed in sisterhood ( healing

the sister wound) 


And activate the fierce embodied goddess energy with-in. 

You will leave the ceremony feeling empowered, held, liberated and deeply loved.  

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Tina Eloise is an international feminine liberation & empowerment mentor


She is the creator of The Sacred Scream Ceremony & Somatic Wealth Methodology which is a powerful modality using the body and expression to heal and create the life you want.


Over the past 10 years Tina has gone from being a Reiki Healer riddled with horrific childhood trauma, rage and shame  to becoming a renowned core wound expert & helping 1000’s of women across the globe to become empowered & liberated throughout their lives so they experience pleasure in all forms.


She uses a unique blend of psychological, emotional, somatic, spiritual & energetic modalities that she has learned and used on her self to create massive changes not only in her life but also in the lives of her clients and students.


Tina is a keen tantric and master energy healer, she is a firm believer that the key to healing and expansion is through the body and self expression.


As an overweight, post-menopausal, neuro diverse , potty mouthed cockney witch, that was always told she was to much or felt she was not enough, She is here to help women rewrite the script on what is means to be a sxy and successful.

There are 2 ways that you can experience the The Big Scream.....

Option 1You get to come to the life changing sacred scream ceremony where we will go on a deep healing journey through sound, breath and movement + 14 days support extra from me in a private group with your fellow sisters to help integrate the healing, and assist you in calling in your desires. Daily Support with shadow &  mindset prompts,Pleasure practices 1 x live group call with me,1 x group healing & energy realignment session. 

Option 2 - You get all of the above plus a distant healing session with me where I recalibrate your energy bodies and chakra system, bring awareness to any leaks and contraction , clear your field of any energetic ties, intrusive  energies & egregores. This will help settle any energic debris left over from the ceremony + help you intgertae faster than usual leaving you feeling at peace and liberated. You also receive a full comprehensive report with a break down of my findings plus tips on how to keep your energy in tip top form  on a somatic, emotional and psychological level. 
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